Business services

Viking Assistance offers a broad range of automotive and mobility services for your business. Our goal is to deliver fast, reliable and quality assured transportation solutions.

Norway: 06000
Anywhere else: +47 22 08 6000

Read more about our business services below and take the stress out of transportation. Remember, your journey and road safety is our business.

Viking is Norway’s largest roadside assistance company, and a leading Scandinavian assistance group with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and innovation. Our Norwegian legacy and harsh natural conditions have fueled our experience in solving mobility situations for 60 years. We ensure safe and efficient mobility of vehicles, passengers and vehicle content for your business wherever a breakdown takes place.

Viking offers assistance to all types of vehicles, from heavy trucks to motorcycles, and has international partners that enable us to help businesses all over Europe. In Scandinavia, Viking is the preferred partner of most vehicle manufacturers, several insurance companies, and a number of foreign businesses. In addition to roadside assistance and vehicle recovery, we provide 24-hour emergency and customer support call center services, as well as medical assistance to foreign tourists.

Call center

If you are considering an outsourced call center solution, we’ve got you covered. Viking Assistance provides seamless and scalable call center solutions that enable you to expand your customer support past your onsite resources and into new markets. Contact us to get started.

Heavy duty recovery

Recovery and roadside assistance of heavy duty vehicles is often complicated and complex in the harsh Scandinavian climate. With over 150 heavy duty recovery vehicles and extensive experience, Viking holds a leading position within the field. Contact us to get started.

Vehicle transport

With our fleet of flatbeds Viking Assistance is able to deliver reliable, fast and cost efficient vehicle transportation solutions to our business clients. Transport missions can be ordered through our custom platform with logistics handled by our call center. Contact us to get started.

What other services does Viking offer?

  • Insurance – with extensive experience handling all types of insurance cases you can focus on insurance, not the administration of breakdowns.
  • Phonefix – In many cases we often solve an issue over the phone instead of roadside assistance, reducing the costs for our partners.
  • RSA/RSR – Repairing on the roadside is Viking’s primary focus, and Viking enforces the use of service vans with skilled patrols when towing can be avoided.
  • Rental car – agreements with all major car rental companies in Scandinavia make it possible to provide a rental car 24/7 if needed after a breakdown.
  • Medical Assistance – Viking manages medical assistance on behalf of our international partners, and acts as their local correspondent.
  • Mobility & automotive – Viking is a leading provider of Mobility and Automotive services for major OEM’s.
  • Remote tracking – In cooperation with police authorities we offer theft and tracking services of stolen vehicles.
  • bCall & eCall – Viking handles bCalls and eCalls for OEMs in case of a breakdown or emergency situation.

Ready to get started?

Viking Assistance offers a range of specialised services for the business market including internal vehicle transportation, business breakdown, commercial vehicle memberships, technical assistance and more. Learn more about the Viking Assistance Group and all our unique services here or get in touch for a consultation.

Call: 06000 / +47 22 08 6000