Battery Replacement

Battery dead or feeling a bit flat? We’ll have you moving again on the same day.

Flat or dead batteries aren’t just inconvenient – they can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Our mobile vehicle battery replacement service can help!

The Viking Assistance mobile car battery fitting service is a fast, affordable and convenient way to replace a dead or flat car battery. Our service vehicles deliver and install a new car battery at a time and location that suits you.

So whether you’re stuck far from home, at the office, or parked in your driveway, we’ll come and get you going again. Not a Viking Member? Not a problem. We help you out whether you’re a Member or not.

Hassle free battery replacement

Our battery replacement service was created to take the hassle and headache out of finding and installing car batteries. We take care of everything from choosing the correct battery, and coding your car’s computer, to providing free coffee while you wait.

Viking Assistance 24 Hour Battery Replacement

Available 24-hours a day all year

Our car battery replacement service is available 24/, 365 days a year. So, if your battery decides to give up, our service vehicles are always close by and ready to help. Anywhere and anytime even if you’re not a Viking Assistance member.

Viking Assistance Car Battery Installation

Professional battery installation

Replacing vehicle batteries is a specialist job now that most modern vehicles require coding of the energy management system during fitting. Or mechanics are trained to choose the correct battery and safely install it without damaging your vehicle.

How our car battery replacement service works

We’ve designed this to be as easy, fast and convenient as possible for you. It’s as easy as getting in touch. We’ll do the rest.

  1. Contact – Call us on 06000 / +47 22 08 6000 or order your new battery online.
  2. Confirmation – Our support team will verify your location and vehicle type.
  3. Relax – Sit back and relax while our service vehicle comes to your location.
  4. Fitting – our expert mechanics will test, install and check your new car battery.
  5. Drive – Get back on the road again

So what are you waiting for? If you’ve got a flat battery let Viking Assistance do the hard work.

Order Car Battery Replacement

Car battery replacement price

We use a simple and fair pricing structure. All prices below includes the battery itself and professional fitting.

  • Small size car batteries: from kr 1.990
  • Medium size car batteries: from kr 2.590
  • Large size car batteries: 2.990

Prices may vary depending on your location, deductible and insurance. Contact us for an exact price.

Car battery replacement FAQ

Got questions or concerns about our mobile car battery replacement service? Read our frequently asked questions section below or call us on 06000 or +47 22 08 6000 if travelling internationally.

Can’t I replace a car battery myself?


Car batteries may all look the same, but appearances can be deceptive. The technology, capacity and performance for each battery is different. Also, most modern vehicles require replacement batteries be coded into the on board computer system. So even if you know what car battery to buy, installing a new battery is now a specialist job so it is always recommended to use a professional service.

How good are the car batteries Viking use?


Viking Assistance only use top quality car batteries from Sønnak. These batteries have been rigorously tested and shown to have the best performance in harsh nordic climates. Based on your registration number we choose the best approved battery that’s right for your vehicle.

What happens when I contact Viking about a new car battery?


We will confirm your details and determine what type of battery you need. Then we’ll come to you when and where it suits you. Next our mechanics will check your current batteryto see if it needs replacing or just a charge. If you do need a new car battery we will install it. We will even dispose of the old one in an environmentally friendly manner.

How do I pay for the service and battery?


You only pay once the service is complete. You can pay with cash or card. Our mechanics will explain the cost and take payment on the spot while with you.

What if you don’t have the right battery for my car?


In the unlikely case that we don’t have the correct battery for your vehicle we’ll order the right one, pick it up, meet at your convenience, and install it. In most cases this will happen on the same day.

Will you deliver car batteries anywhere in Norway?


Yes. All our service stations and vehicles in Norway can deliver and fit car batteries.

Book your battery fitting today

We’re here for you 7 days a week, 24-hours a day! Call 06000 / +47 22 08 6000 or order online.