Engine Failure Assistance

Car engine won’t start? Get 24/7 breakdown assistance anywhere, anytime, no matter the cause.

There are many possible reasons for why your car won’t start, from a flat battery, or a flooded engine, to complex electrical faults. Viking kan help with this.

Engine failures causing your car not to start is one of the fastest ways to ruin your day. We’ve all had the experience – you get into your vehicle, turn the key and… nothing happens.

Unfortunately there is a long list of things that can go wrong with a car or engine. Unless you’re a professional mechanic it can be difficult to diagnose and fix the problem.

The good news is that your car troubles are our business. Our fleet of service vehicles and trained mechanics are always ready to help. Whether your engine gave up at home or on the road.

Common reasons your car won’t start

Without speaking with you it is hard to know what the problem with your particular vehicle is. However, some things are more common than others so we’ve put together a list of the more typical reasons your engine has stopped.

  • Flat, faulty, or dead car battery.
  • Out of fuel or wrong fuel
  • Vehicle immobiliser or security system
  • Flooded vehicle engine
  • Steering wheel stuck or ignition lock jammed
  • Fuel filter clogged or blocked
  • Broken or damaged starter motor

Any of the above issues could cause your vehicle not to start. However, it could also be something else causing your engine failure.

What to do if your car won’t start?

If you experience engine failure or your car refuses to start, call us and we’ll walk you through some troubleshooting tips that may get you going again.

Some issues aren’t easily fixed, including many not mentioned in the above list such as mechanical failures, faulty parts, or errors with your cars electronics. In this case we’ll send out one of our service vehicles to your location.

Either our roadside assistance experts will be able to fix the problem on the spot or they’ll recover your vehicle to a repair garage and organise transportation for you and your passengers.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get help without being a member?


Yes. Viking will help you even if you’re not a member or don’t have breakdown cover through your insurance.

Should I try to fix engine problems myself?


Some simple problems can be fixed relatively easily. If you feel confident and have some experience fixing cars then you can try. But ensure you are in a safe position first! If you don’t feel safe or you are parked in a precarious spot, call us for help.

What happens if my car can’t be fixed by the roadside?


If your car needs more extensive repairs our vehicle recovery service will tow your vehicle to repair garage. We will also organise transportation and/or a hotel for you if needed. Or we’ll get you home while your car is being repaired.

Order breakdown assistance

If your engine has failed and won’t start call us on 06000 / +47 22 08 6000 or order assistance online.