Out Of Fuel Assistance

Accidentally ran out of fuel? Stuck on the highway or in a remote area? Viking Assistance can help!

Running out of fuel can happen to anyone. But don’t worry. Viking Assistance is always nearby and available to help you 24/7. Just call or order help online and we’ll get you moving again in no time.

Fuel delivery service

It’s likely to happen to us all at least once… you’re driving along and everything’s great. All of a sudden, your car dies and you start coasting. Or you’re driving through a remote area and suddenly you notice your fuel light is on. There is no petrol/gas station in sight and you don’t know how long the light has been on. Not a fun situation!

When you find yourself on the side of the road it is important to keep safety in mind. We understand how stressful and frustrating this can be but walking to the nearest gas/petrol station isn’t always the best solution. Especially in Norway where the weather can be quite extreme.

If you run out of fuel and find yourself in any of the following situations please call for assistance:

  • You’re out of fuel in a remote location
  • You’re out of fuel and stuck on a busy highway
  • You’re out of fuel and the weather is very bad
  • Or you simply feel unsafe exiting your vehicle

Remember, it’s not worth risking your life walking 5 miles in the snow or rain, at dark, on a busy highway just to reach a petrol/gas station.

Your safety is the most important thing and our emergency fuel delivery service is fast and affordable.

How our out of fuel delivery service works

Viking Assistance is scandinavia’s preferred roadside assistance provider and your best friend in tough situations. Our custom built service vehicles will get you refueled and moving again in no time.

1. Call

Call us on 06000 / +47 22 08 6000 or order fuel delivery online.

2. Confirm

Confirm your location, vehicle, and fuel type with our team.

3. Relax

Sit back and relax while we come to your location.

Fuel problems we can help with

Out of petrol

Running out of fuel with a petrol car is not a big problem. It can be frustrating but you can call a friend or family member to come to your rescue if they’re close and you’re stopped in a safe location. However, if you’ve run out of fuel in a remote location or you’re stopped on busy highway call us for professional roadside assistance help.

Call 06000 / +47 22 08 6000 for help or order fuel delivery online.

Out of diesel

If you run out of fuel in a diesel car, the car might not start again even if fuel is added. Bleeding the system may unfortunately be required to get your vehicle moving again. So if you’ve accidentally run the car completely dry contact us for roadside help. In most cases we’ll be able to fix the problem on the spot but in some situations towing to the nearest garage may be required.

Call 06000 / +47 22 08 6000 for help or order fuel delivery online

Filled the wrong fuel

If you’ve accidentally filled diesel in a petrol car or vice versa do not turn on the car. If you’ve already started driving, stop the car and turn of the engine as soon as possible. Driving with the wrong fuel can cause serious damage to your engine. Contact us and our mobile mechanics will attempt to drain your tank, flush your system, and refuel your car.

Call 06000 / +47 22 08 6000 for help or order fuel drain service online

Why Viking Assistance?

  • 24/7 emergency fuel delivery anywhere in Norway
  • Fast, safe and easy – our professionals come to you
  • Premium high quality petrol and diesel fuel
  • Towing to nearest petrol/gas station if needed
  • Professional mobile mechanics
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Reasons you might need emergency fuel delivery

Why do people run out of fuel? Every situation is different but some of the most common reasons are…

Didn’t notice you were running low on fuel: Forgetting to refuel is easy to do especially if you’re stressed, are running late, or you have a lot on your plate.

Miscalculating: we’ve all been there and done that – crossing our fingers when noticing the fuel light and hoping we’ll make it. Sometimes our calculations are wrong and we get ourselves in trouble.

Faulty gas/petrol gauge: Sometimes there is an issue with your car and the fuel light doesn’t turn on until it is too late. This can happen if your car’s fuel gauge has cluster unit issues, circuit problems, or a sending unit malfunction.

Regardless of the reason we at Viking Assistance can help you 24/7, 365 days a year, no matter where in Norway you’re stranded.

How to avoid running out of fuel

  • Don’t wait until the last minute: Whenever possible don’t wait for the fuel light to turn on before refuelling. Instead, consider a quarter tank as empty. Refuelling earlier is also better for your vehicle as you avoid buildup of condensation in your tank.
  • Put it in your calendar: If you drive a similar distance every week or take a similar route to work most days make a habit out of filling up your car on a specific day. Schedule it in your calendar and have your phone notify you when it is time to refuel.
  • Know your route: When taking a long road trip or driving out of town plan your route in advance. Pay particular attention to where petrol/gas stations are located along your drive.
  • Keep backup fuel in your car: If you’ll be driving through a remote area where petrol/gas stations are few and far between bring a can of gas/petrol with you. This is the easiest way to avoid running out of fuel. But make sure you don’t bring more than the legal amount.

But life happens, and sometimes you let your tank get a little too low. So if your car has run out of fuel call Viking Assistance on 06000. If you’re traveling through Europe call +47 22 08 6000. We’ll bring you fuel, inspect your car, and get you back on the road again.

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