Wrong Fuel Assistance

Have you filled the wrong fuel in your vehicle? Don’t panic, we can help!

Diesel in a petrol car or vice versa? You’re not alone. In a stressful situation it easy to do. But don’t worry, we’ll fix the problem on the spot.

Wrong fuel recovery

Every year a large number of drivers accidentally put the wrong fuel in their car. Whether it’s due to a brief lapse in concentration or a force of habit following a vehicle switch, misfuels happen.

Putting petrol in a diesel car is especially easy – and accidentally filling petrol in a diesel tank is also common. All you need to fix the problem is to have the incorrect fuel drained from your vehicle. But it is very important that you don’t continue driving. Doing so can cause catastrophic damage to your engine.

So don’t panic, the important thing now is how you respond. Just call us and our fuel drain specialists will come to you.

What to do if you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car:

  • Don’t panic – We’re here to help. With the right assistance, you’ll be back on the road in no time!
  • Remove the keys from the ignition: and do not turn on the ignition or attempt to start the engine.
  • Stop driving – If you have started your car, park and switch off your vehicle as soon as possible.
  • Get to a safe location: if you’re still at the petrol station put the car in neutral and get someone to push the car to a safe spot.
  • Call us as soon as possible – we will drain and flush your vehicle at your location.
  • Relax and wait: our fuel assist experts are on route to solve your problem

Filled the wrong fuel in Norway? Call: 06000

Outside of Norway? Call: +47 22 08 6000

What our wrong fuel recovery service does

Viking Assistance’s wrong fuel recovery service drains the tank and entire fuel system of contaminated fuel. We then thoroughly flush the system with clean fuel and provides enough fuel to get your vehicle driving again.

You will need our wrong fuel recovery service to drain your tank if you’ve:

  • Filled petrol in a diesel tank
  • Filled diesel in a petrol tank
  • Filled AdBlue in your fuel tank

Our state of the art service vehicles are purpose built and equipped with the latest wrong fuel drainage system. This ensures that our mechanics can drain the wrong fuel from your car’s tank as fast and safe as possible.

Once your car has been drained our fuel drain specialists dispose of the contaminated mixed waste fuel in an approved, safe and environmentally friendly way.

Why Viking fuel recovery?

  • Fast and easy – we come to your location
  • Experienced mechanics – trained in wrong fuel drainage
  • Specialist vehicles – latest fuel drainage technology
  • Available for almost any type of vehicle
  • 24/7 call out service anywhere in Norway
  • Under normal circumstances we get you back on the road again within the hour
Order wrong fuel recovery

How to avoid putting the wrong fuel in your car

So what’s the best way to avoid misfuelling? Well the obvious answer is: always fill your tank with the correct fuel….

But as we know, that’s easier said than done. Hence, why this service exists.

There are many reasons why people accidentally put the wrong fuel in their car. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • You’ve borrowed someone else’s car
  • Your family or household has more than 1 car
  • A rental car uses a different type of fuel than what you’re used to
  • Your company has pool cars or car sharing
  • Or your mind is simply on other things

So while no one is perfect and innocent mistakes are bound to happen from time to time, there are some tips and tricks we can use to reduce the chance of accidents at the petrol pumps…

1. Check the fuel door

Most cars in Norway have a label inside the fuel door with information on the type of fuel the car uses. Always check this label if you’re not sure what fuel to use. If your car doesn’t have such a label just have one made and stick it inside the fuel door for an easy reminder every time you fill up.

2. Avoid distractions

When pulling into a petrol station, cut out distractions, take a minute to think and focus. For the few minutes it takes to refuel, put your mobile phone away and give your full attention to the task at hand. It’s a habit that’ll pay dividends.

3. Refuel when you’re relaxed

Whenever possible avoid refuelling when you’re hungry, stressed or in a hurry. When your mind is somewhere else, you’re more likely to slip up and misfuel.

4. Install a misfuelling device

If you drive a diesel car you can get an easy to install device that stops the narrower petrol nozzles accidentally entering your diesel tank. The device clips into the hole, and the opening mechanism only works with diesel nozzles.

Order fuel drain service

If you’ve filled the wrong fuel in your car order a fuel drain immediately before damaging your car!